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Your Locally Owned Hearing Clinic in London, Ontario

Dunn Audiology has proudly served Byron and the Greater London community for over seven years.

Our mission is to provide all patients with a comfortable hearing care experience in a locally owned practice by delivering quality products and services in a friendly, affordable, and educational environment.

With a focus on patient care, education and matching our patient’s specific needs with what is best for them, we help our patients continue to enjoy all the sounds of everyday life!

Byron Community

Where We Live & Work

Nestled in the heart of Byron, the Dunn Audiology clinic offers a clean and modern space for all of our valued patients. 

Book an appointment today to meet with Andrea or Megan; we would love to meet with you to discuss your hearing needs!

Meet the Audiologists of Dunn Audiology

Andrea Dunn & Megan Martin

Meet the dedicated audiologists of Dunn Audiology – Andrea & Megan. Together they help every patient realize their full hearing potential and improve their quality of life.

COVID19 Policies

Dunn Audiology is practicing with new infection control procedures and policies in place based on guidance from the Ontario Ministry of Health and the College of Audiologists and Speech Language Pathologists of Ontario (CASLPO). Click below for a summary of some of our new policies.

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What Makes Us Different

Our dedicated team of independent audiologists are committed to providing a friendly, affordable, and educational environment.

Our passion for audiology means that we continuously seek innovative and cost-effective equipment and techniques for our valued patients.

We focus on building strong relationships by offering competitive pricing and flexible hours to accommodate our patients’ unique needs.

Andrea grew up in Byron; the location of the Dunn Audiology clinic is no coincidence! It’s a joy for Andrea to live, work and contribute to our wonderful community of Byron and beyond.

We'd love to hear from you!

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Book an appointment with us for any of our hearing services by calling 519-601-4327 or by filling out the form below. Free, accessible parking available.

Dunn Audiology is open for appointments Monday – Friday from 8:30am-4:30pm.
Evening appointments can be made by request.

    Types of Hearing Aids
    Types of Hearing Aids

    If you find yourself in need of hearing aids, there are many different styles to choose from to suit your unique hearing needs, as well as your cosmetic and lifestyle preferences. At Dunn Audiology, our audiologists can take you through a comprehensive hearing evaluation and provide recommendations on the most ideal hearing aid style for you. Types of Hearing Aids…

    When & Where to Get Your Ears Cleaned
    When & Where to Get Your Ears Cleaned

    Your ears have impressive self-cleaning properties. In most cases, your ears will naturally produce an ideal amount of cerumen (or ear wax) to lubricate the ear canal and prevent dust, particles and other debris from being pushed further inside.  In rare cases, an excess build up of ear wax, or ear wax impaction from the overuse of cotton swabs, can…

    How Much Do Hearing Aids Cost? (Ontario)
    How Much Do Hearing Aids Cost? (Ontario)

    If you find yourself in need of hearing aids, it can be an overwhelming adjustment. Inevitably, the conversation turns quickly to a discussion about the cost of hearing aids, and the options available.  There are various types and manufacturers of hearing aids that all differ in functionality, quality and features. Generally, hearing aids can cost between $1,000 – $4,000 per…

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