Children’s Hearing Services

Healthy hearing is critical for early speech and language development in children. If you suspect hearing difficulties with your child, research has shown that early detection results in significantly better speech and language outcomes, versus treating later on.

Signs of impaired hearing in children can look like:

    • Abnormal speech or delayed language skills
    • Difficulties focusing/learning
    • Difficulties paying attention to conversations or not responding to their name
    • Trouble hearing over loud/distracting background noises

Navigating hearing loss in children can be an anxious process for parents, but it’s important to know that many interventions exist to improve hearing conditions. Treatment options can include hearing aids or cochlear implants, combined with speech therapy or assistive listening devices, depending on the severity and cause of hearing loss in your child.

Our audiologists are here to provide a safe and welcoming environment for families and children. We understand that medical visits can be a distressing experience for children, so we endeavour to make the process as stress-free as possible.

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With a focus on patient care, education and matching our patient’s specific needs with what is best for them, we help our patients continue to enjoy all the sounds of everyday life! Book an appointment with one of our audiologists, Andrea Dunn or Megan Martin, today.

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