Hearing Tests

One of our audiologists will complete a comprehensive hearing assessment during your appointment to determine if you have hearing loss and assess the degree of severity. Once the hearing test is completed, our team will review the findings with you and discuss our recommendations, which may include anything from annual hearing tests or hearing aids. If our hearing test determines that you are in need of hearing aids, we will review hearing aid options that are best suited for your individual lifestyle and hearing needs.

Here’s what you can expect during a hearing test at Dunn Audiology:

  • Case History –  a thorough discussion about your hearing concerns and health history.
  • Otoscopy – a visual examination of the ear canal.
  • Tympanometry – a test to determine middle ear function. In other words, this test helps determine if there is any fluid in your middle ear, blockage, or perforated ear drum.
  • Pure Tone Audiometery  –  a test to determine if there is a hearing loss, including the type and severity of hearing loss.
  • Speech Audiometry – a test in which the patient repeats words back to further assess hearing.
  • Full discussion about test results – an in-depth explanation of all the test results and an opportunity to discuss any questions you may have. Oftentimes there is a lot of information to absorb, but you will not leave the clinic until you feel completely comfortable about your assessment and the recommended path forward.

Meet the Audiologists of Dunn Audiology

With a focus on patient care, education and matching our patient’s specific needs with what is best for them, we help our patients continue to enjoy all the sounds of everyday life! Book an appointment with one of our audiologists, Andrea Dunn or Megan Martin, today.

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