Hearing & Equipment Counselling

Care and Maintenance of Hearing Aids

If you find yourself in need of hearing aids, it’s important to learn how to properly take care of them. 

Dunn Audiology’s counselling services ensure that all of our patients feel comfortable and confident with the maintenance of their hearing aids or other hearing equipment. If questions should arise after leaving your appointment with us, we will happily welcome you back to the clinic for as much guidance as you require.

Communication Strategies

In addition to using hearing aids, there are multiple strategies that can be used to enhance hearing in difficult listening environments. Some possible strategies include:

  • Face to face communication
  • Minimizing background noise, where possible
  • Maximizing best lighting possible to help with speech reading and reading visual cues (lip reading)

It can be a frustrating experience to learn how to effectively communicate if you find yourself affected by impaired hearing. Our team of experienced audiologies are trained to guide you in your pursuit of better hearing and support you every step of the way.

Aural Rehabilitation Classes

Dunn Audiology offer group aural rehabilitation classes for participants learning to navigate the realities of hearing loss. During these group sessions, your hearing loss, hearing aid maintenance, and communication strategies will all be discussed. Contact Dunn Audiology for more information on how you can participate!

Meet the Audiologists of Dunn Audiology

With a focus on patient care, education and matching our patient’s specific needs with what is best for them, we help our patients continue to enjoy all the sounds of everyday life! Book an appointment with one of our audiologists, Andrea Dunn or Megan Martin, today.

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