A growing body of research highlights the relationship between hearing loss and cognition. Studies have shown that hearing loss appears to be a risk factor for cognitive decline – including dementia and Alzhiemer’s disease, as these individuals tend to experience auditory deprivation, isolation, and reduced socialization due to hearing loss.

For certain populations, regular hearing screenings and early interventions to improve hearing loss can play a fundamental role in delaying cognitive decline. 

As audiologists, we recognize the important part we play in intervention and treatment, which is why we’ve augmented our (already thorough) adult hearing tests with a cognitive screening component. 

As part of your hearing assessment at Dunn Audiology, you will also undergo a cognitive screening test: a 10 minute exercise that screens memory, visuospatial, executive functioning, reaction time, and processing speed. The output of this test can be incredibly beneficial in establishing a baseline of both cognition and hearing.

Depending on the outcome of your cognitive screening and hearing assessment, Dunn Audiology can also recommend any interventions for hearing rehabilitation that may also aid in slowing cognitive decline. If you would like, we will also send a report to your family physician.

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