Did You Know…

Snoring is a sleep disorder that can be the sign of a medical condition. Snoring is extremely common.

Our audiologists can provide a custom set of sleep plugs that can block the noise created by snoring. An earmold impression is made specifically for you, which is then sent off to one of our manufacturers to be created. We call you when they are ready and ensure that they are properly fitted before you take them home. Care instructions are simple: just wash in warm water with mild soap and allow them to air dry. 

You’ll sleep better without the snoring noises that disrupt you with your customized sleep plugs. 

Dunn Audiology provides custom made sleep, swim, musician and noise protection ear plugs. We also carry instant fit ear plugs in our office. 

If your partner’s snoring disrupts your sleep, come to see us! We can help. 

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