The production of ear wax (or cerumen) is completely normal, and also necessary for preventing dust, hair or particles from entering the ear canal. Ear wax naturally lubricates your ears and hinders bacterial production.

Everyone knows that you should avoid using fingers or cotton swabs to try to remove excess ear wax. These tactics could end up damaging your eardrum or you can actually push the ear wax deeper within your ear canal. 

If you are concerned about ear wax build up, or are experiencing any related symptoms, such as minor hearing loss, aches, dizziness, ringing, itching, etc., your ear wax could be impacted. This requires careful extraction by an experienced audiologist. 

At Dunn Audiology, we can help alleviate painful symptoms of ear wax impaction using a gentle technique of water irrigation. Generally, our audiologists will thoroughly inspect your ears, and then use a water solution to gently flush out ear wax without damaging the delicate ear drum. 

The procedure is pretty routine. You may experience subtle pressure within your ear, but it’s a quick process. We also understand how ‘satisfying’ it can be to capture the procedure! With ear wax removal videos going viral on TikTok, we happily invite you to bring an operator to capture the process on video.

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