As we age, it is possible that our hearing will change with time. There are a few things you should know about getting a baseline hearing test as it will help reveal any changes in your hearing, and the structure and function of your ears. 

It is recommended that all children and adults have a baseline hearing test, even if there are no concerns, and to get a follow up hearing test when someone goes through any major life changes.

At Dunn Audiology, our audiologists will review the results from your hearing test with you. If your audiologist determines your hearing is within normal limits, you do not need to be tested again unless you experience symptoms, or about to go through a life change. Some examples of these changes are starting elementary school, transitioning to high school/university or college, moving to a new city or country, employment changes (especially if there are loud noises) and after any major health changes or conditions. 

If your audiogram reveals that you have hearing loss, further testing or intervention may be called for.  A copy of your audiogram will be sent to your family physician and/or specialist. We can give you a copy too- just ask us.

It is important to note that a hearing impairment may impact the child’s ability to acquire speech and language and do well in school. It is crucial to find a hearing loss as soon as possible and create an intervention plan, so speech and language will develop normally.

Dunn Audiology provides hearing tests for adults and children. Send us a message to book an appointment with one of our experienced audiologists for a baseline of your hearing.

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