Other Hearing Needs

In addition to hearing aid evaluations, prescriptions, repairs and cleaning, counselling and assistive listening devices, Dunn Audiology can help you with your custom hearing needs such as:

  • Regular follow up appointments (minimally every 6 months)
  • Custom hearing protection
  • Custom swim plugs
  • Musician ear plugs
  • Home / hospital visits
  • Aural Rehabilitation Classes – CALL 519-601-4327 TO REGISTER
    • Classes will be offered to those who have hearing aids. Bringing a friend or significant other can make the experience more fun! Small groups will get together every two weeks to discuss their hearing loss, experience with hearing aids, learn communication strategies, and discuss any other hearing questions or concerns they have. Classes will be 2 hours in length, with coffee, tea and snacks served.

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  Clinic Hours

Dunn Audiology is open for appointments Monday-Thursday from 8:30-4:30. Friday & Evening appointments can be made by appointment only.  Inquiries and appointment bookings are welcome to call 519-601-4327 or email Andrea directly – andrea@dunnaudiology.ca










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