Hear the World Foundation Survey Reveals Attitudes on Hearing

Hear the World Foundation Survey Reveals Attitudes on Hearing

A recent survey conducted by the Hear the World Foundation investigated general hearing attitudes, loud music listening behaviour, and knowledge of hearing loss throughout many countries. It found that many people agree that hearing is very important to them, but only a few take any measures to protect themselves from excessive noise exposure. It also found that few people realize that noise induced hearing loss is irreversible. Knowing these statistics, it is important for audiologists to inform their patients on the risks of excessive noise exposure, such as loud music. The loudness of the music or noise, and the length you are exposed to it are the two factors that determine your risk of hearing damage. Not only can permanent hearing loss develop, but noise exposure can also increase your risk of tinnitus (ringing in the ears). Therefore, turn the music down, wear hearing protection in noise, and stay away from long periods of noise exposure! Check out the link below:


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