Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I want to take this moment to wish everyone a happy new year! Often the beginning of a new year is a time “resolutions” are made for the upcoming year. There is one resolution I would like to propose – get a baseline hearing test. It does not matter how young you are; it is important to know where your hearing levels are today. Once you have a baseline, it can then be monitored throughout your lifetime. A hearing assessment consists of the following:

  • Discussion about your hearing history
  • Otoscopy – looking in your ear canals
  • Immittance testing – evaluating your middle ear function and reflexes
  • Pure tone testing – listening for “beeps”, while sitting in the sound booth
  • Speech testing – repeating words back, while sitting in the sound booth
  • Discussion of your test results and answering any questions you may have

Start this year off right, and get your ears tested!

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