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Great way to make sure hearing aids are right for you!

The purchase and usage of hearing aids is a very big decision for anyone.  The most common questions I typically hear people contemplating are: Will they really make my hearing that much better? Could I be using my money towards other things at this point in my life? Am I ready to wear these hearing aids? Will hearing aids be comfortable? Will I actually use them once I purchase? Fortunately now, Dunn Audiology has the ability to provide you a 2 week hearing aid trial. I will do a thorough hearing test with you, and if you have a hearing […]

Check out this hearing loss simulator!

People who have normal hearing may often wonder what those with hearing loss experience. Normal speech, environmental sounds, and music are examples of sounds that are impacted by hearing loss. Whether it is your child, parent, friend, colleague, or spouse who has a hearing loss, the link below may help you better understand what they hear. This hearing loss simulator only demonstrates a high frequency hearing loss configuration, and two different severity levels. It is important to note that every individual has a unique hearing loss. In other words, this simulator is only one case, but will give someone with […]

May is Speech and Hearing Awareness Month

The month of May is Speech and Hearing Awareness Month. It is a good excuse to talk about hearing, hearing loss, and hearing loss prevention. Hearing can be a very important part of life. It can allow you to communicate with loved ones, hear the sounds of nature, or even listen to your favourite television show. It has been estimated that 10% of the Canadian population have a hearing loss. Hearing loss is often so gradual, you may not be able to recognize it. If you answer “yes” to any of the following questions, it is recommended that you get […]

Check out this article about smartphones!

This is a really interesting article written by Gary Smith. It might answer some questions you may have! Smartphones: are they damaging your hearing? Hands up anyone willing to admit they’re a bit of a smartphone addict… Who can blame us? The awesomeness of smartphones goes way beyond Facebook. You can carry your entire music collection on a 5-inch device; the very same device that lets you catch up on the week’s TV and maybe even finish off the day with a Netflix movie. Hooked up to a pair of headphones, you’re good to go – anywhere! ‘Noise’ is unwelcome; […]

International Ear Care Day – March 3rd

International Ear Care Day is coming up! It is a perfect opportunity to discuss how noise exposure can affect hearing. Unsafe loudness levels, as well as the duration you are exposed to the noise, both play a role in noise induced hearing loss. Noise exposure can occur in the workplace, or even listening to loud music. It is important to limit the duration of exposure and/or wear hearing protection in these environments to prevent hearing loss. The World Health Organization (WHO) has organized activities for International Ear Care Day. Check out the link below:

Hearing and Hearing Loss Prevention

I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday season! Now that winter seems to have hit London, some of us may prefer to stay inside. If you are looking for some reading while staying warm and having a cup of tea, check out this article about hearing and hearing loss prevention.

London Business Cares Food Drive 2014

Some of you may have heard about the London Business Cares Food Drive. Over 400 businesses throughout the London community join together to create awareness and collect food for the London and Area Food Bank. Last year, the London and Area Food Bank provided emergency food to an average of 3,611 families a month. Out of the people the Food Bank helps, 40.5 percent are under the age of 17. In December 2013, Business Cares delivered 281,535 lbs of food to the London and Area Food Bank. This donation helped the many families who needed assistance during the holiday season. […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

There are multiple topics I would like to address today. Firstly, I would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone was able to spend time with family and friends, and reflect on all the positive aspects within their lives. Matt and I are truly thankful for the last year – our first year of marriage, moving back to London, and opening this clinic. We were able to have dinner with many family members this past weekend, and had such a great time catching up with everyone. Hearing can play such an important role during these gatherings. If […]

Community Open House

It has been just over one month since Dunn Audiology opened its doors! It has been a great month of getting to know our neighbours and new patients. My husband and I have felt so welcomed by this community – thank you. We are now looking forward to our Community Open House on October 4th. We would love for everyone to stop by and see our new clinic. It will be a great opportunity to check out 1140 Southdale Road West. We will have lots of information on hearing loss, hearing loss prevention, and hearing aids. It is never too […]

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