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What is CASLPO? This video explains it all!

CASLPO is the College of Audiologists and Speech Language Pathologists of Ontario. As an audiologist, I am registered with CASLPO, who regulates our profession. The following video was filmed last year, but will be airing again on Sunday August 13th from 8:00am – 8:30am on CHCH-TV. If you do not have time to tune in, you can watch the video via link below.

New Text with 9-1-1 Service available in London

For those of you living in London and Middlesex County, there has been a very important update to our current 9-1-1 service. If you register your phone for “Text with 9-1-1” service, you will be able to text during an emergency. This service is a significant improvement for those who have a hearing or speech impairment in the region. Check out the link below if you want to register.

Join us at our Hearing Aid Repair Clinic on May 17th

On May 17th from 9:00am-3:30, Andrea will be hosting a complimentary Hearing Aid Repair Clinic. Any style of hearing aid will be repaired at no charge. There will also be the opportunity to try new hearing aids out 100 % Risk Free. Come with your old hearing aids for repairs, try new ones, on just come visit for some refreshments! Hearing Aid Repair Open House Event

Research Continues to Investigate Possible Prevention of Genetic Hearing Loss

I always find it interesting to read about new research being conducted in the audiology field. In the link below, you can read about a new study investigating if antioxidants can prevent genetic hearing loss later in life. Mice with a common gene deletion that is associated with progressive hearing loss were studied. The researchers found that mice who had a diet with certain vitamins and antioxidants had a slower progression of hearing loss. These findings need to be further investigated with humans, but these initial findings show promise. Read the full article below:

Hear the World Foundation Survey Reveals Attitudes on Hearing

A recent survey conducted by the Hear the World Foundation investigated general hearing attitudes, loud music listening behaviour, and knowledge of hearing loss throughout many countries. It found that many people agree that hearing is very important to them, but only a few take any measures to protect themselves from excessive noise exposure. It also found that few people realize that noise induced hearing loss is irreversible. Knowing these statistics, it is important for audiologists to inform their patients on the risks of excessive noise exposure, such as loud music. The loudness of the music or noise, and the length […]

Happy New Year!

I want to take this moment to wish everyone a happy new year! Often the beginning of a new year is a time “resolutions” are made for the upcoming year. There is one resolution I would like to propose – get a baseline hearing test. It does not matter how young you are; it is important to know where your hearing levels are today. Once you have a baseline, it can then be monitored throughout your lifetime. A hearing assessment consists of the following: Discussion about your hearing history Otoscopy – looking in your ear canals Immittance testing – evaluating […]

Studying Songbirds May Help Develop a Better Hearing Aid

Hearing aid manufacturers put millions of dollars every year into research and development to improve hearing aid technology. One of the most difficult listening environments for humans is in background noise, especially for those who have a hearing loss. Perhaps, new hearing aid technology should be based off songbirds who have mastered distinguishing the chirp of their mate from the background noise other birds? Check out the article below to read about new research in California. Songbird Study

October is National Audiology Month

October is National Audiology Month. The Canadian Academy of Audiology (CAA) has created a video called Living with Hearing Loss. Hearing Loss affects people of all ages. Those interviewed in this video describe how hearing loss was affecting their everyday life. Some people create coping mechanisms, such as avoiding events, lip reading, and pretending to understand the conversation. Sometimes this can lead to feelings of isolation. If you suspect you may have a hearing loss, see an audiologist – they can help! Living with Hearing Loss Video

An Inspirational Video

Since the NFL season started last week, I thought I would post a video about a player. If you have hearing loss, or know someone who has hearing loss, or even if you are just an NFL fan, you will find this story very motivating.

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